Psychotherapy — sometimes called ‘talk therapy’ — is professionally-facilitated conversation that heals.

My comfy office

Your first session may be as long as 90 minutes, and subsequent sessions are 50 minutes. Sessions are held in my offices — Houston or Spring/The Woodlands.

Therapy Services

  • Assessment: In our first 1 or 2 sessions, I’ll ask questions to help me know you and how I may be of service to you.
  • Individual Therapy: During sessions with one individual, the conversation can vary from exploring your thoughts & feelings, to being a space for you to vent or process out loud, to learning new skills & considering new ideas — and more!
  • Relationship Therapy: When intimate partners attend a session together, the conversation can become more complex, sometimes require more gentle direction from me, and lead to new ways of relating to and connecting with each other.
  • Group Therapy: Sessions with other individuals or other couples who are not family members but who share a concern or challenge can provide opportunities to hear even more possibilities, often leading to more rapid emotional growth.
  • Family Therapy: For family members who are struggling to manage life transitions of all kinds, spending time with a professional counselor in the conversation can open windows of ideas and promote hopefulness and resolution.

Rates & Insurance

My regular therapy session rates:

Individual (one person) session:
60-90 minute Initial session, $125
50 minute Follow-up session, $95

Relationship (couples, partners, friends, family together) session:
60-90 minute Initial session, $140
50 minute Follow-up session, $125

At this time, I do not accept insurance. However, if my regular rates would prevent you from meeting your wellness needs, please let me know. We’ll talk about my Affordable Sliding Scale, and you may find fees could be as low as an insurance co-pay. I’m a co-founder of Affordable Counseling Collaborative Associates, a network of licensed professionals who offer low-fee therapy.

Also, on your request, I can provide a “superbill,” a document you can send your insurance company to request out-of-network reimbursement.