I’m excited to announce that a new therapy group is slated to start in January 2018:

Finally, A Baby – Now What?

If you’re thinking that this will be about babycare for new parents, think again.

This group will provide a very special, safe space for people who struggled through infertility before finally having a baby, and who now may feel… different… from most of the other parents in their world.

There’s a particular type of anxiety that is unique to parents who went through infertility, whether they ended up using fertility treatment or not. And the complexity and confusion of their feelings are compounded by the responses they may get from people around them — friends, co-workers, even loved ones who might have cheered them on during their infertility journey, but who are now perplexed about why the new parents aren’t feeling constantly blessed.

This weekly group — Finally, A Baby – Now What? — is designed to provide both emotional support and practical therapeutic work to assist participants toward a place of calm confidence. The ultimate goal is to transform inner struggles and enhance relationships so that parenting is indeed the journey they dreamed about for so long.

The group — which is for women and men, whether individually or as couples — will be held at The Center for Postpartum Family Health’s group room in Houston, Texas on Tuesday evenings starting in January 2018.

Please help me reach out to those in need of this special kind of support. Let them know about the group, and please direct them to me or this informative flyer with any questions they may have.

Registration for the January group is open now — Register Now for Parenting After Infertility Group