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Parents & Emotions: Keep a lid on it, or let it out?

Raising young humans is always, without a doubt, an emotionally challenging job. It’s been my experience that most parents hope to do at least a few things differently than they recall from their own childhood. When you add to those normal challenges a parent’s strong desire to be better at the job, the pressure can…

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Meditation for Regular People

I’m excited to finally be offering meditation classes. But wait, I hear “What do you mean by ‘regular people’??” I’ve often recommended meditation to clients. And many have let me know that they think meditation might be just great — for someone else. The thought most often expressed: “I can’t make my mind be quiet.”…

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Alternative, Normal, Possible

It’s time again to look at my book pile. As usual, this won’t be a complicated, dense review — just a quick list of what I’m reading right now. I don’t intentionally read books that have things in common during the same span of time, but I enjoy wondering if there are unintended connections among…

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New Group Forming: For Parents After Infertility

I’m excited to announce that a new therapy group is slated to start in January 2018: Finally, A Baby – Now What? If you’re thinking that this will be about babycare for new parents, think again. This group will provide a very special, safe space for people who struggled through infertility before finally having a…

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