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Home Office with Canine Coworker

My, How Quickly Things Change

For the time being, I will only be seeing clients remotely — that is, by video or phone (your choice). My hours remain the same, and you can still schedule our conversations in the usual ways: by texting/emailing/calling me or my assistant, Darbi, or through the online scheduling calendar. During our sessions, this is where…

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Affordable Counseling Collaborative Associates

New Windows to Gaze Through

Have you noticed that I get bored easily? That’s not really accurate — truth is, I want to experience more than I think any one place can offer. But it sure might seem like I “just can’t stay put”! I hope you’ll reap the benefits of my ongoing search for experiences. New Houston Office Some…

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Looking for Signs of Growth

Have you ever heard me remark about “bringing hindsight forward”? I know it’s not quite Spring yet, but I’m already taking time to reflect on future growth. How might any of these happenings interact with your world? Another Day, Another Office As promised, I’m now in the Houston office 3 days each week — Sundays,…

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science project gone awry

Spirituality, Madness, Children, and Resilience

The title of this blogpost came to me in a flash. Did those 4 separate words bring you here, too, out of curiosity? No plans for a high-level, complicated essay on the concepts — spirituality, madness, children, resilience. Just a quick list of the books currently on my reading shelf, all of which I’ve recommended…

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New Group Forming: For Parents After Infertility

I’m excited to announce that a new therapy group is slated to start in January 2018: Finally, A Baby – Now What? If you’re thinking that this will be about babycare for new parents, think again. This group will provide a very special, safe space for people who struggled through infertility before finally having a…

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Hello world!

This is just one of several websites about my psychotherapy services. I’ll be adding blog posts to this one in the future. Have you seen my other websites yet? You can find out more about me, the services I provide, and my thoughts about different topics by visiting Thanks for visiting!

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